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Frequently Asked Questions


How is this High-Speed Internet service different from other Internet connections?
This service is similar to high-speed DSL or cable broadband Internet access available in more populated areas.  Instead of the modem and cabling that these services use, you will use Wi-Fi 802.11 wireless antenna equipment.  This service is different from dial-up Internet Service.  You will not use your phone line, so you will be free to surf the Web and talk on the phone at the same time! 

What do I need to access the service?
You will need three things to begin using Lexsar Solutions High Speed Internet service. First you will need to be in the service area and have a laptop or computer with Wi-Fi 802.11 wireless capability. You can use your existing WiFi adapter or purchase an equipment package from Lexsar Solutions. 

Second, you will need a standard Internet-ready browser on any operating system. No additional software is required.

Third, you will need a Lexsar Service plan. Lexsar has a full line of service plans to meet the needs of any user - from our Monthly Subscription for more frequent users, 30 Day Pass or 2 Day Pass for the seasonal user.

Where can I find out where your service locations are?
The service locations are within line of sight of Lexsar access points.  The service is intended to be used from within specific physical locations. If you are unsure if you are within a service location, contact us.

Can you outline the pricing structure for each plan?

  • Annual Subscription – Unlimited use with automatic renewal by credit card annually.
  • Half Year Subscription - Unlimited use for 6 months from the time you login. One time charge to your credit card for for 6 months usage.
  • Monthly Subscription – Unlimited use with automatic renewal by credit card at the first of every month.
  • 3 Day Pass – 72 hours of use from the time you login.  You will be charged for the days you use on your credit card.
  • 1 Hour Pass – 1 hour of use from the time you login.  You will be charged for the hours you use on your credit card.

Is the Monthly Subscription billed at the first of the month?
No.  Monthly billing automatically renews on your login in date. You will be charged on your credit card. 

When will service be available in my area?
Lexsar Solutions is continually building new locations. Our goal is to make the service available where you want to access the Internet while you are at Lake of the Ozarks. Check back as we continue to expand our network.

Can I extend my service plan?
Yes.  If you purchase a 6 months, 3 Day or 1 Hour Pass, you can re-fill or change your account online.   

How will I be billed?
You will be billed on your credit card or debit card.  If you want to pay by check, please contact us @ 573-374-2288. 

What if I change my mind?  Can I cancel my service?
Yes, you may cancel your service at any time. If you sign up for annual service, you will not receive a refund.

Is ownership local?
Yes, by a private group of individuals.

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